Smart Recruitment via AI

Get more pre-qualified top applicants for tech jobs with artificial intelligence.

We connect businesses through highly optimised performance marketing and artificial intelligence with pre-qualified top talents for tech jobs.

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What makes us special

Gamified application processes

Through our gamified pre-selection and the use of gamification, we achieve significantly more applicants, than comparable solutions.

Active and direct search for applicants

We are where your applicants are and speak their language. Our AI isolates your target group and directly approaches them. directly to them.

No CVs, but more insights

We work without CVs in the first step but pre-qualify the applicants with intelligent coding questions.

Innovative uncomplicated

The future of recruitment is social

We do not rip your applicants out of their natural environment, but position ourselves close to the people.

Through AI optimized Marketing-Campaigns we reach your candidates casually and honestly - so we can even activate candidates who are already employed.

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Our Recuritment Process

We generate high quality applicant leads in a highly optimised process

Our innovatively simple process gets you pre-qualified candidates quickly - whether actively or passively searching.

1. AI optimised performance marketing

Our AI targets your target group precisely in performance marketing campaigns. This allows us to address thousands of applicants directly.

2. Gamified prequalification

By playfully requesting relevant information on high-performance landing pages, we can drastically reduce churn rates and eliminate the need for CVs in the pre-qualification process.

3. High quality applicant leads

The applicant leads are exclusively pre-qualified and active. This saves you a lot of time during the processing in the second step. The contacts are forwarded directly to you.

Your advantages

Uncomplicated to applicant leads
from top employees

Watchwork is a product of the digital consultancy Deploy Innovation. As software developers, we know the needs of the industry and focus on maximum simplicity in the mediation of candidate leads.

Pre-qualified leads from top talent

Saving time when filling new positions through active employee search

AI optimised applicant search

Automated processes

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Find top employees - Uncomplicated

Start with smart recruitment and find your next candidates

Contact us and find your next applicants the smart and social way!

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Frequently asked questions

After you have decided to work with Watchwork, we determine a concrete candidate profile that we would like to achieve with our process. In doing so, we already define core criteria and questions that we ask in our pre-qualification. During the entire term, you will continuously receive applicant leads.

Once our process starts you will receive pre-qualified candidate leads continuously. The total length of the process depends on your requirements, your profile and the number of leads you need. We usually allow one month for our entire process.

Every applicant lead goes through a highly efficient assessment process in which their qualifications are checked and key data are requested. We focus on the highest level of optimisation so that we can screen the best tech talent from anywhere without losing their attention or interest.

Our pre-qualification takes place through a kind of quiz assessment. The interested parties go through a funnel designed and optimised by us, in which they playfully answer questions about their skills. This allows us to reduce the churn rate significantly and attract relevant prospects. For the applicants, the assessment process feels like a game.